SP venture – Investment Corporation

SP venture is looking for suitable investment opportunities in Czech Republic and Central Europe.

We are prepared to invest into projects in various segments of the market, in the start up/early stage of business intentions, as well as at the later stage/expansion of projects with a solid foundation and credibility.

In both cases we look for investment opportunities with proven potential of further growth.

Our Own projects

We carry out our own business projects too. At present we proud ourselves to be significant Perfume E-shop operator and exclusive distributors of Travalo, Madonna, Cadillac. Since year 2012 we are exclusive distributors of hair products in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Coaching services in management and business expansion

We provide coaching services in management and business expansion. We offer inspiration, proven solutions, knowledge, capacity, and comparison with other businesses to managers and directors from our own experience out of successful projects in Czech Republic and Slovakia.