SP Venture Company

We are an investment company with its own project portfolio focusing on e-commerce and distribution activities. Our core business is the exclusive representation of professional hair cosmetics by Label.m, Inebrya, Fudge, Reuzel, Matsuzaki, and French designer brand perfumes Korloff along with refillable Travalo flasks, all for the Czech and Slovak markets. We also deal with retail and wholesale of perfumes and hair cosmetics distributed via our online channels, the e-shop SP Perfumes (Parfémy SP) for end-customers and the wholesale system SP Wholesale (SP Velkoobchod) for businesses. We are also expanding internationally and consolidating the position of our online stores in European markets.

In addition to investing in company development and expanding our portfolio, we are keen on investing in other promising ideas in any market segment as an angel investor.


1/2020 - Organics Pharm Exclusive Representation

Na začátku roku 2020 jsme se stali výhradním zástupcem značky Organics Pharm.

6/2019 - My.Organics Exclusive Representation

V polovině roku 2019 jsme se stali výhradním zástupcem značky My.Organics.

12/2018 – Authorized Capital Increase

At the end of 2018, our stable year-on-year growth enabled us to increase the authorized capital to CZK 60 mil. to be used for reaching our next goals.

11/2018 – REUZEL Exclusive Representation

Our brand portfolio welcomes the addition of the Dutch-American brand REUZEL, whose products cater primarily for barbershops.

11/2017 – Fudge Exclusive Representation

We now exclusively represent the young and dynamic English brand of hair cosmetics by Fudge.

4/2017 – International Expansion

The success of the retail store www.parfemy-sp.cz in the Czech Republic allows us to expand internationally to Slovakia and Poland.

3/2016 – Matsuzaki Exclusive Representation

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we exclusively represent Matsuzaki, the Japanese manufacturer of professional hairdressing scissors and accessories.

6/2015 – New Premises and Training Center

We are moving to new premises at Průmyslová 1515/14, Prague, and at the same time we are opening a new training center for hairdressers.

6/2014 – Inebrya Exclusive Representation

Our portfolio of brands with exclusive representation welcomes the addition of professional hair cosmetics by Inebrya, which we exclusively represent in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

10/2011 – Travalo Exclusive Representation

We exclusively represent the refillable Travalo perfume bottles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

11/2010 – Label.m Exclusive Representation

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we become the exclusive distributor of Label.m, the world’s number one in styling.

10/2010 – SP Wholesale

Acting on the market potential, we launch the wholesale online store www.spvelkoobchod.cz with perfumes and hair cosmetics.

05/2010 – SP Perfumes E-shop and Brick-and-Mortar Store

We are launching an online perfume and hair cosmetics store, www.parfemy-sp.cz, which currently ranks among the top five cosmetics e-shops in the Czech market, and we are opening our own brick-and-mortar store in the center of Prague at Lucemburská 8.

2010 – SP Venture, Ltd., Established

Owing to the private capital of CZK 10 mil. and in response to the market potential, a new investment company with a promising business portfolio is established, 100 percent financed from its own resources.