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Graham Hill offers a cosmetic line of selected specialty products for hair care, hair styling and beard care. The packaging design is inspired by the legendary style of helmet worn by both Father Graham and son Damon Hill: the white blades of the London Rowing Club’s oars on a dark blue background in Prussian blue. Each product bears the name of one of the racing sections where Graham Hill has had so many successes and which has become its second home.

The GRAHAM HILL Men’s Grooming Products range is exactly what you need to meet the needs of your discerning customers. The modern, timeless and at the same time exclusive brand of men’s cosmetics covers all the needs of today’s gentleman in the field of daily self-care: Cleansing & Revitalization, Styling & Adjustment and Shaving & Refreshing.

In 2021, we became the exclusive distributor of this brand.