2010 was a significant year for us. We became the exclusive distributor of Label.m, which is a brand familiar to hairdressers who know their job and put the quality of the products they work with in the first place.

We sell complete product lines by Label.m (shampoos, conditioners, dry and wet hair styling products) and other equipment targeting especially at hairdressing salons.

About Label.m

The brand was developed by an artistic team of professional hairdressers led by Toni Mascolo and Sacha-Mascolo-Tarbuck. The brand has its origin in the British capital, London, it is therefore no surprise that it is inspired by the multicultural environment, emphasizes individualism, and works with fashion trends – its mission is to develop creativity. It is the brand’s policy is to acquire ingredients from plants that are organic and not chemically fertilized. The products are not tested on animals.

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Volejte: 222 220 768
Pište: info@labelm.cz

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