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MY.ORGANICS was created in 2012, with its founders boasting a decade of experience in the field of hair care. The range of exclusive products is made of certified ingredients grown using organic and biodynamic farming techniques.

Every MY.ORGANICS cosmetic product contains high concentrations of pure essential oils, extracted from plants and flowers using traditional, age-old harvesting techniques to obtain a product made from ingredients that are 100% natural.

The whole MY.ORGANICS range is suitable for all types of hair and skin. The healing powers, aromas and colours characterising each essence are preserved without using chemical additives, thus ensuring the products are neither aggressive nor harmful. Choosing MY.ORGANICS means putting your body’s wellbeing first.

MY.ORGANICS believes in a sustainable production chain from the farmer to the customer, in order to develop responsible business models. We take care of our body by taking care of our planet.

In 2019, we became the exclusive distributor of this brand.